Monday, January 15, 2018

He's Not Even in Love With Her

My suspicion is the whole of the latest tabloid romance was mainly manufactured by officials in the department of keep things running smoothly. And what a bold and clever offensive. Powers in front of the throne are doing a great job also, as a transition of leadership clearly looms.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

One Crow

This morning there was a crow outside and I watched him drop a triangle red something into a rain water puddle. Perhaps pizza, perhaps critter guts. Anyway, he picked it up and seemed to break off a piece to eat, as the rest fell back in the water. Then he picked the piece back up and flew off. This was problem solving behavior if you assume he knew the water would soften his meal.

Animal versus human traits are a big deal in science news.  Do chimps have compassion, says the famous scientist about his experiments on caged animals?  The story is always the same--- such and such beast shows human behavior.

In fact, the scientists have the setup backwards.  Their research could be used to show what is non-human and more animalistic about the researcher, about ourselves. Obviously our body unites us with the animal world, and surely our brain does too. So what is specific about the human in this scenario; a clue is if animals do it also, some behavior of ours is may have evolved from our neighbors on this planet. I trust my point is clear. I think the language is skewed to avoid the fact that animals and people are even related at all. But if chimpanzees hug someone who has been kind to them, surely that suggests a range of human emotional behavior is shared by, probably originated in, these beasts. So the question is, exactly what about compassion is distinct with homo sapiens.

But to recognize this, really rather obvious fact, runs into what Steven Pinker calls, "the ban on knowing who you are."

Now that I think about it, that crow was eating pizza he rescued from some trash container.

Monday, January 1, 2018

Happy New Land

Quoting an example of medical jargon:

ABIN-1 regulates RIPK1 activation by linking Met1 ubiquitylation with
Lys63 deubiquitylation in TNF-RSC pp58 - 68
Slawomir A. Dziedzic, Zhenyi Su, Vica Jean Barrett, Ayaz Najafov,
Adnan K. Mookhtiar, Palak Amin, Heling Pan, Li Sun, Hong Zhu, Averil Ma,
Derek W. Abbott & Junying Yuan
Dziedzic et al. show that the ubiquitin-binding protein ABIN-1 is
recruited into TNFR1 signalling complex in a manner dependent on
Met1-ubiquitinating complex LUBAC to regulate K63 de-ubiquitination
to activate RIPK1.

I suppose it is risky to use a quote that someone out there understands, as an example of the border of verbal coherence,(and thereby misses my point) but that edge, in my mind, reminded me of something Jan said, and, continuing our holiday freedom to repeat his words, I will share Jan's thought:

There is an actual physical component in blood that affects mystical attention.

Thursday, December 21, 2017

A Solstice Surprise

A few words now in celebration of today's solstice event. I am quoting Jan Cox. Normally I avoid this in any large amount since this blog celebrates the HOW he showed his students, the how of orienting your attention, and remembering.  Original thinking was a big part of this, and so that is what I do in this blog.  Not for its own sake, but because original thinking helps loosen the grasp of the mechanical cerebrations that are an  aspect of the planet.

Today though, a little holiday:

It was in the 1970s the Jan Cox mentioned to his students that the state of religion, at least in the western world, was "putrefied." He did not seem to think the way established religions operated then, could be reversed.

And in the 1990's he said, "Now people have nowhere to go." Both comments illuminate current events.  Especially the last, since it speaks to the planet as a whole. A glimpse of history shows migration as a common, maybe defining, process. "Now people have nowhere to go."

One more, and this will confound many. In the 1980s he said there is not life elsewhere in the universe, and there are no extraterrestrials. My take on this is that the strength and recurrence of sentiments in favor of such scenarios, speaks to a basic urge in human nature. Of course Jan also said, there is no god.

"There is no god that you can name."

Friday, December 1, 2017

You can't talk about hormones

Not really. Your words will be from the mind, the hormones have no words to explain themselves.

And this points to the reality that the influence of hormones on activity is rarely even mentioned, and so, the myth of rational behavior, flourishes. It is of course necessary for the evolution of folks--- that they think they are self-directed actors.

But remembering the behavior of alpha wolves, explains a lot of what is in the headlines lately. The alpha wolf takes what he wants.  Now of course, when caught out, there is no story, response, excuse, that sounds right, because speech is not really involved.  Most people can I believe, sense the yucky in these verbal apologies.

Not that my explanation is meant to be encompassing. Just a strand of insight. And here, is a jolly example of ---- alpha geese.

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Anglophone philosophy

"Apes don't read philosophy."

"Oh yes they do, Otto, they just don't understand it."

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Perchance to -

So yesterday in a used book store I found a philosophy book that had an old lover's name in it.  I must say, I had excellent taste in cads. And now, today, the song du jour has these lines: I bet you think this song is about you.