Wednesday, August 2, 2017

What is bravery

How brave those little mammals, like meerkats, and chipmunks, that signal the presence of predators, to warn their kin. They are telling the hunters where they themselves are. Chipmunks of course may be underground, but not always,-- I saw one doing the gong alarm they can do, from under a vehicle.

Monday, July 31, 2017

Celebrating Cerebration

This is a real headline:

"John Brockman's Book on Thinking Machines: What Should We Keep From Artificial Intelligence?"

I have no doubt the author did not intend this to be funny. The threat from AI has been raised by leading intellectuals.

THERE IS NO SUCH THREAT.  You can only program words. And that is not the whole game.

To really understand thinking, you must grasp what is a non-verbal distance from cerebration.

So kick back jack. put your boots on the table and open a beer. Not to relieve the scary thought of a robot takeover. But to try and forget the tension a 'real attention' requires to sustain the gap we mentioned, the distance between words and a something adjacent. The gap which can nurture if sustained. And if not sustained, is still responsible for all the literary masterpieces, and scientific advances on the planet.