Monday, January 20, 2014

Scandal on the planes of intellect

How man came across the idea of deity can profitably be imagined. Of many scenarios, one that has an appeal is that students on a path of learning, must notice the state of their minds, what the eastern sages call monkey mind. To discipline these automatic thoughts is so rare among men, so unlikely an even very brief, accomplishment, that if one assumed some interference, aid, from another realm, that may seem very plausible. And so the face-saving idea that man must fail, were it not for god, gained traction. 
Perhaps all the stories have some validity. Surely that is a reasonable perspective, as annoying as that thought, 'well all the theories are correct,' might be to man's binary intellect. 

Jan Cox referred to this binary intellect  (everything is either this or that)  when he joked that "scientists can only count to two." Sober soldiers suck it in -- why else does man have twenty digits, if not to count at least twenty right answers.