Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Distinction

Seekers of whatever stripe and whenever time likely start on the path commonly called, the mystic quest, looking for----magic.  Magic---that the fundamentals of reality can be...changed.  The glory of what Jan Cox saw,  and cared to help others also the glory of What IS... Simply to see what is.

Monday, January 25, 2010

This question is not about irony

How strange is it, that the most imaginary of man's creations, evokes the bloodiest of responses? I am thinking of religion and the wars we needn't list.  Jan Cox said once the contemporary religion was not just dead, but stinking.  This was decades ago that he used those terms.  So perhaps I am just caught up in the moment, since his terminology would suggest an evolutionary aspect to religion.  I am not confident I have exhausted the topic: how is it that the most made up is that which makes men kill the fastest.  One thought that  occurs is the need to protect that which one detects (the hollow sound of certain wood when rapped) is false.  Yet these people seem so sincere----(always a bad sign of course.)  Or...and...when hormones need to rage for unstateable reasons, they get to rage least encumbered when raging about religion.
These events will subside, and men will, after the fact,  pretend they have a grasp of what happened.  And the intellectuals will never notice that these fictions almost utterly obscure  thrilling and astounding dynamisms, discoverable through mere objectivity.

Other cultures seem to have a better grasp on basic realities. I just found this quote from a 16th century Japanese writer, named  Ikoma Chikamasa:

Fooled into believing Heaven and Hell are not fake
Some people rejoice and some people quake.

That's the 1500s.  I have no clue about the life cycle of religions.