Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Flying on metal

Maybe reality is an aluminum fence---the hormonal metal has metallic polish over it, a coating of ideas. And sometimes a blue bird flies, not over, but through, the fence. 

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Words are like fire

Words are like fire. When they are out of control -- as they are all the time for modern man -- they can only be managed by bare areas with no fuel. These bare areas could be like the mystic's inner quiet, not totally word free -- not totally bare -- , but with the volume turned down, the ground cleared of most obstructing fuel. 

Of course before then one must see there even is a problem, their problem; a challenge since there are "no problems" to use the phraseology of Jan Cox. Words are the basis of man's civilization and civilizational progress. Really the second sentence above is misleading to the extent that 'out of control' ignores the larger forces of containment, but this subject is even more difficult to address, and not the current topic. 

Like fire, words cannot be allowed to rule, if an individual's goal is to understand the world and his world. The nature of a discipline which allows the containment of fire, of verbal reality, is rare in life, and non-existent if your only information is books or the internet.  And this is related to the importance of pressure for real change. This pressure is not conveyable at a distance. For all practical purposes.