Friday, February 14, 2014


There should be no argument about whether people are becoming more alike, on the planet.  I mean a lot more than the ascendance of western civilization,  That is not the theme in today's post. In honor of the holiday I will point out that Jan said once, that harmonious couples had a much in common with each other.  Again, all this is peripheral, though not irrelevant.

Today's theme is the audible evidence of humanity's evolution. The media commentators previously had a certain timbre in their voices. This is referenced by the phrases 'radio voice', and 'universal accent.' Cronkite had it, and you still hear today in the United States, especially in veterans at NPR. 

But that deeper tone, more measured enunciation, on the air waves is disappearing. It is replaced by a jauntiness, a tendency to sarcasm, and a higher pitched voice, from on air sources we assume to take themselves seriously. We can hear in the voices we hear, that man is living more in his imagination. A necessary step for the growth of humanity as a whole. Not so good for real romance, but that is slim price to pay, for the quicker action and consensus on issues that a more evolved humanity allows. We speak of course about an ongoing drama.