Sunday, February 22, 2015

Just some questions

How come is there no word for not believing in evil. About god, who is really competent to say? But an existence of evil seems to be one thing everyone can agree on. 

No one challenges this concept, no one wonders the word cannot be discarded. No one hesitates to use the word "evil" for fear of being misunderstood. Who wonders there are no synonyms, for a word universally apparently --- needed. Lots of words for that clown called a devil, satan, the tempter.Just like words for some god. But evil itself, seems to be an incontrovertible axis of the world, so obviously extant that no verbal glosses are critical. Some define it differently, but who is ready to toss the concept.  

Not everybody's got a god, but everybody's got an evil. Whether you call it that word or not, you know there is "evil." There seems to be something the matter with the world. And imagine the counter-examples that would be thrown at you if you dared suggest, there is no evil. 

The faith of people that there is such a thing as evil must be functional, based on the above observations. And functional is the next question and we can address it soon in this forum.