Monday, July 5, 2010

Thoughts on an Independence Day Holiday

The etymology of the word poem, a thing made.  The only making people CAN do, to mirror the world, is to imitate the reality of the world, the creativity --- that is the making of life to which one created can aspire.  To make the mechanical, and call that making life, is to miss the reality of the world , the reality of the world that could count as a making. 

Which is related to the progress in making robots. Robots, to make them human, when really, what the progress with robots proves, is that people are robots, not that robots can be human.

All of which is related to the idea of independence...Independent of what? Planetary gases? Those of the dreams of the puerile, the dreams of superman.  A first step towards independence must be a consideration of what the word could mean.  That would be a step in the direction of freedom.