Friday, November 22, 2013

Theories about conspiracy theories

They all overestimate the realm and rigging of the human intellect, or to be more precise, the binary functioning of that human capacity. People say the odds of a loner carrying off the assassination of a leader of a free world are slim,and therefore is an argument for multiple conspirators. This argument betrays an assumption about the fitness of binary thinking to evaluate the world. In fact the plans of men are flimsy at the best. Darn dumb luck explains little except the liklihood of man's plans occasionally appearing efficacious.
My comments are meant to illuminate not the heroes or villains -- little difference from a certain perspective -- but how the logic of any theorist can go astray. I of course know nothing about what happened, but something about how people think and what they are loathe to investigate within themselves. 

Monday, November 18, 2013

You can only define the dead

This occurred to me while I was revising the book. Of course in the case of Jan Cox, his reach was so multi directional, that the normal idea of beginning and end is to drastically distort his life and effect. Still any definition only points to --- what is already moldering.