Saturday, January 28, 2017

The multiverse idea is god coming in the backdoor of modern science

And since this is not recognized as such by its proponents we have the old delusions that so often accompany religion, back in the mix. The multiverse idea allows people who call themselves realists, to in fact hamstring standards of evidence and excellence. As in: are there conflicting measurements for the Hubble Constant? In a different universe there would not be such; or maybe there is some bleed through between universes. The point is the wall of evidence from which facts bounce back, is spongy, when you have the multiverse to obscure inconsistencies.

The connection here between Jan's work and the physical sciences is that we see in this collapse into ideas about the multiverse, a basic failure of the intellect to approach the questions about the unity of consciousness and what is commonly labeled the material.

The above is a perspective to consider.