Thursday, March 27, 2014

Ink on paper versus pixels on a screen

Is not the fact something CAN be easily changed, a factor making it more subjective. There will come a time when the text on an e-book will be changed, deliberately. The intent will be to alter history. It will only take a few keystrokes. So the reality of ebooks, the accounts therein, have a subtler, more blowing in the wind, subjective dimension. Hard on a piece of paper, one of a few copies, perhaps, could still be hidden as a record, a testimony, a proof, or accidentally preserved to surprise all at some unimagined time when we have forgotten we forgot. So perhaps the flutter of change is felt in the reader as he touches the screen of an ebook reader. The world is a bit less stable, as it as always shifts between Heraclitian pillars and Parmidean flux.