Tuesday, February 14, 2017

The Shoulders of Giants

. The polytheistic Etruscans had their own unique and distinct pantheon and practices, chief amongst which were augury (reading omens from birds and lightning strikes) and haruspicy....

This is from Ancient history Encyclopedia -- (http://www.ancient.eu/), their facebook page. The quote refers to practices begun before 500 BC.

The practises of augury are an early form of trying to understand one's life and world. Observing lightning strikes is not a spooky and benighted attempt to control destiny; it is an attempt to be objective. 

An objective approach to the world is not an modern invention. The idea that it is, suggests we are all still struggling to obtain objectivity, personally, and at a broader cultural level, today. If we cannot understand the gigantic contributions made by our forbearers, we cannot achieve a genuine appreciation of our times.