Saturday, July 15, 2017

Oblivious to the obvious

When people think something is obvious, this assertion, this confidence, shows in their words regarding the something obvious.

My description applies regardless of the topic of the words exuding assurance.

Where this gets sticky is if the import is concerning matters of the invisible. In this instance the sauce of confidence and knowingness poured over some verbal construction, actually impedes communication.

We are for the sake of expediency assuming there is a class of things which are obvious and worth discussing. In fact, Jan Cox pointed this out: when you think you've "got it", you have not.  

One reason Jan's phrase deserves to be recalled is the importance of the invisible and the difficulty of communicating about, around, these topics regarding man's potential.

When the speaker assumes his topic is "obvious," then the listener may himself may treat it as obvious. That way, hope of communicating that something is, lost. What the listener is learning is not something that may expand, facilitate, his own internal reaching for transcendence. What a listener
learns from one who speaks superficially, is to himself, imitate, a smart-ass.