Sunday, March 18, 2012

Can thought be -- superluminal

First tests showed neutrinos were measured, by some teensy fraction of a second, as faster than the speed of light. These results ran counter to over 100 years of  research in the natural sciences. There was a predictable amount of clucking in the professional community and sure enough, new test results throw doubt on the first measurements.
Regardless of whether neutrinos are really "superluminal" there is the possibility that thoughts can be. Superluminal thought is even rarer than scientific law anomalies. Much rarer. My picture is of words as -- light. And then the "super" luminal would be a glimpse of the border between the speed of thought and that into which thought speeds...Superliminal thought would be beyond words.
Thought then can be superluminal, in our picture, and understanding the rareness, not rareness of superluminal thought itself, but the rarity of focusing on this aspect of reality, distinguishes a few figures in the history of reality. How, after all, do you illuminate that which is faster than -- thought.