Sunday, June 18, 2017

Parts of parts

Picture a machine--parts move in a regular manner, intersecting, colliding, pushed always by other parts. These parts only interact at the simplest level, basically banging into each other. If you had a lever that suddenly decided it wanted to "find it's true nature," that piece would soon be so dented and bent that it might dislodge and disrupt not only its original function but in being loose impact other parts in an unpredictable manner. Unpredictable, okay, but we know one thing-- the effects for the larger machinery of this piece flying, falling, bouncing, crashing, breaking, would not have fortuitous effects.

When we speak of humanity as a machine, we do not picture that one sketched just now. At the level of the most complexity we know, ourselves, our world, those dislodged parts could have beneficial  results, that is,those promoting growth, growth and a greater complexity.

And the reader may now say, ok, how do we put these parts together, or more subtly-- what would the picture look like with the parts together.  If I could explain the inherent problem with that question I should indeed, know, myself, a lot.