Sunday, June 23, 2013

Secrets as a cultural meme

So Baigent died. Meh. He reminds one of the extent of popular interest in conspiracies, in secrets. When I read of some conspiracy, some idea that there are people who are secretly controlling public affairs, it makes me giggle. And these ideas are so common. Among a variety of types. 

I imagine myself saying to some exponent of such ideas: And you, are clever enough to have penetrated this plot, a plan which has fooled the rest of the world, but YOU, have figured out the plot. Oh yeah. 

Such innocent spokesmen who point to conspiracies have no clue about the nature and complexity of reality, or the mechanical nature of human knowledge. And the same applies to anyone who THINKS they themselves could be a participant in such a plot. I should say here, a participant in an effective plot. 

All  of which does not mean such events have no basis at all in reality. Jan Cox spoke once about the Knights Templar as having at one point a connection to something real. By the time you read about it from me, reality has gone through a stage of myth, and become mere gossip. The person who could speak of such things is dead. 

But I trust the person who mentioned that detail. I trust him, you see, because Jan Cox was a person who could keep a secret, keep a secret FROM -- himself.