Thursday, May 22, 2014

Walking the walk

There's the talk and there's the walk. Jan Cox was only interested in -- the alk. The alk is all. For the few. 

Monday, May 19, 2014

So what is NOT behavior?

External behavior is an arbitrary measurement. You cannot divide external and internal action. It is just that the ordinary have no internal action--- just the tumbling of blocks.

Not speaking, that is behavior too.

Thinking is behavior, even though it must be imaginary.

Not thinking, that is --- neuralizing, or as Jan and Gurdjieff called it, self-remembering---is  the behavior which alone gives you an objective glimpse.

Knowing what is going on--- I call that behavior.

To suggest a real teacher can be measured in bourgeois terms -- that is behavior which reflects on a follower, not on the teacher. It may be like a Real Teacher, a Socrates, or a Jan Cox, is aware of lines of force which indicate which paths of action are appropriate at which times. I am making that up, but it fits with the daemon one reads about in reference to Socrates. The action of a real teacher is pure in a way which baffles the ordinary. Let's not be ordinary. 

The action of being alert internally is not just the goal, it is visible to one who knows. Jan Cox said he could look at the eyes of another and know their level of consciousness. 

More -- or less perhaps -- than this, is posture, which also--- reflect one's inner attention. I call this behavior.