Friday, November 2, 2007

The limitations of a dual reality sketch

A new picture of the relation between the so-called mental and physical realms of man's existence comes to mind after reading this article at the bbc website:
There is a creature called a colugo described as a 'furry kite' for the way it glides from tree to tree. Sounds like a flying squirrel to me, though it doesn't look like a flying squirrel, and the substance of the article is that this creature is man's nearest relative after primates. Anyway what a good picture of the reality of thoughts. Thoughts are better described as "gliding," if we picture the ordinary conception of thought as "flying" in polar opposition to the physical, gravity-bound earthly world. In my picture of the relation of thought and physical reality, the ordinary view is of thought as something not gravity bound. The colugol points to a picture of something gliding, that is, it could appear to be flying, but, really, the motion is gravity bound, the motion is falling, and so the motion of the colugol, and I would argue, human ordinary mentation, is physical, gravity defined like all matter, despite the opinion of most. A limited metaphor perhaps but already I like the idea of an new adjective: colugolic. "Colugolic" is something made of the same substance as that composing that which it is supposedly the opposite of; an only apparent opposition.

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