Thursday, January 17, 2008

Poorly Packed Pickups

Poorly packed pickups--you have seen them, you hate to follow to close, something might fall off and dent your car. I like the sound of the phrase, the alliteration. Jan Cox often used alliteration, and of course it is an old English poetical device. Poorly packed pickups---this picture of the mind, shows exactly the way thoughts pop up in your head: thoughts in this picture might be something that fell off the truckload. If life is a pickup, then the stuff in the truckbed could be an apparently overloaded, genetic bundle, perhaps an individual, and words something that fell onto the asphalt. Falling onto the asphalt in this picture would be a word popping into ordinary consciousness. Academics then would be roadside scavengers of a sort. By academics I mean of course the aspect of ordinary mentation which purports to know what's going on.

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