Saturday, January 12, 2008

What would the opposite of a black hole be?

The opposite of a black hole, what would that be, okay the opposite of a black hole as posited by the current scientific community, would be----
tiny, right? Not this galactic rustling cosmic structure that science envisages. Not even the small ones I believe Stephen Hawking has suggesting are all around. No the tiny black holes I am picturing are so tiny they are, ... mental.
Stepping lightly out of that room of marbles and cats dodging rocking chairs,
these tiny black holes would have event horizons, of course, but THESE event horizons would be

words, encircling, ever present just about to escape (be forgotten) OR get sucked in (verbalized), encroaching every minute, eternal --- run on sentences.

Just as no light escapes the posited black holes in the cosmos, no words can illuminate the actual quietness of the cyclonic center of the mental black holes which could support ordinary mentation.

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