Tuesday, March 11, 2008

What women know

This whole silly todo about Eliot Spitzer getting caught with his wallet open (silly except that such distractions, keep the secondary world alive) reminds me of the time Jan Cox pointed out offhandedly that lawyers marry beautiful women. I suppose men are artless when they investigate why such behavior occurs ( NPR interviewed such an academic student in the aftermath of the above incident, who has done research on why men visit prostitutes,yes really) but women know darn well how blameless men are, and yet they cluck away. I do not wish to dwell too much about this now, to avoid what Jan called "the suicide of the secondary," ,but there are examples to hand of women who dealt with infidelity in a sensible manner. I refer to Queen Alexandra, who invited her husband's mistress to visit him by his deathbed. My point is this is well within the bounds of ordinary knowledge, at least for women, at least it used to be. Why indeed do men visit prostitutes. Give me a break.

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