Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Ancesters and Imagination

The scientists have found human footprints in Chauvet Cave which is in
France. The footprints are those of a child, and they are accompanied
by dog paw prints. These prints date from 26,000 years ago. The
additional detail that residue on the cave walls indicates a torch was
being carried by the child, gives a poignant picture of a child
exploring, hunting, and being helped, protected by a dog with even
then, keener senses, and a willingness to challenge anything that
might threaten them.

Okay I think it is obvious that I have added to the picture with
details I made up. Who knows how protective the dog was, who knows
what they were doing in the cave, maybe going to a home they shared,
along a path dark but not unfamiliar.

The distinction between imagination and reality is one mechanical
imagination does not accurately make. Understanding the role of
imagination in human thought is basic to using the teachings of Jan
Cox. There remains though, an edifying vertigo in considering the bare

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