Sunday, November 9, 2008

Okay, try this

You don't need a dualistic philosophy, you don't need another realm,
you don't need an alternate reality, you do not need another
dimension, or a separate universe, ...(all these options only beg the
question for one thing---though this is actually not a point Jan Cox
made when he said there was only one reality, not separate physical
and mental realms, to explain the human experience. At least I do not
recall him pointing this out: adding to the number of realms just gets
you into an unacknowledged regress wherein the intellect must posit a
whole other realm to connect the two realms you articulate in an
effort to comprehend intellectually man's intellectual and man's
physical world, at least if the intellect is being consistent. Ha ha.)

You do not need a separate dimension to explain how, from wood and
catgut, a beautiful sound can emerge.

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