Thursday, December 11, 2008

My Fellow Eukaryotes

The news is that there is definitely a black hole at the center of our
galaxy. Surprised me, since I thought that was the accepted view, but
apparently now it is even more accepted. The instruments used to
substantiate this are so sensitive that I am going to quote the

Unprecedented 16-Year Long Study Tracks Stars Orbiting Milky Way Black Hole

"A team of astronomers led by John Johnson of the University of
Hawaii's Institute for Astronomy
has used a new technique to measure the precise size of a planet
around a distant star. They
used a camera so sensitive that it could detect the passage of a moth
in front of a lit window
from a distance of 1,000 miles."

Nothing in that contradicts Bede, whose picture of man's knowledge was
of a bird flitting through a room, in and out, from dark to dark.
That was about 1400 years ago.

So are we, proportion wise, cells? Or is our planet itself a cell?
Just questions. About our world where light depends on dark, a world
where some cellular component can glimpse a larger part of the

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