Saturday, February 28, 2009

A woods of words

There is a comedian I find very funny. Jan Cox talked about comedians, and how indeed, they do come up with fresh thoughts----that special and wonderful technique for doing "this kind of stuff." There is for comedians a hazardous edge, but that is not why I brought this up. Bill Maher is who I mean now, and what struck me was how if he couldn't see that the problem with people who call themselves religious is that they are not, this inability in Maher's picturing of what is wrong with the world, then we have a fresh reminder of the difficulties of pursuing "this kind of stuff," using again, the phrase of Jan Cox. I do not expect ANY ordinary person to grasp that there IS nothing wrong, but to so utterly fail to notice this tiny thing----those who call themselves religious are, not necessarily so, lights up some of the path those seeking to persevere, are on. On one level, you would think someone who was hateful, who talked about hurting others, you might think, well no matter what those people say, they---are not religious. And yet they say they are, and the world says, yes, those are religious leaders, and so I guess it is not surprising a comedian is off. The path of words...

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