Friday, March 27, 2009

Hard Facts

Quoth Harold Bloom: If you are aa hard rock empiricist, you must reject religion." Of course any sense of religion as some set of beliefs, some assertion about god (rather than man) can be jettisoned, but that is probably not what he meant.  He has accepted the unempirical stance that there is something  called objective knowledge versus subjective, that man can go  along with the views of a group rather than empirically  rethinking  any important questions for oneself.

Actually  there is no question of subjective knowledge, there is merely man's standard dreamy state, the cog like mental stance men must allow if they are to function as the efficient cogs that is the useful lot of most men.

That, and the individually won momentary  possibility of objectivity.  Individually won and individually realized, but that is not subjectivity -- for ALL who pursue  recklessly and relentlessly a  certain internal mental stance will glimpse, maybe revisit, maybe become accustomed  to, a certain scenery.  It is the same scene for all who stand on the same perch. This scene is the origin of all ideas of objectivity.

Of course these words are misleading.  But they are closer than most.

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