Friday, June 19, 2009

Stronger than Fiction

Is it a question as to why fiction writers often stress they are writing about the truth? Avowedly totally made up, and yet what they are at pains to show and state, is that their writing is about reality. There are a few exceptions but notice that few people read the writers who set out to puncture the limits of the genre of fiction writing. So how come is there this emphasis on being realistic when writing fiction---to the point of even often saying, this is a true story?

One reason might be that ordinary consciousness clings to words, is defined by words, and sometimes senses a hollow sound to these words, this last being a sensation that is discomforting to them. In this possible take on the question I raised above, what we have is a stress on the very word 'truth' to avert a fuller awareness of our peculiar situation as human beings----that being that words exist to hide the fact that reality cannot be expressed in ---- words.

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