Wednesday, August 19, 2009

That old mind/mind split

The wringing of hands about whether computers will "take over" mankind caused Jan some mirth when he discussed this aspect of modern dreaming. I was reminded of this when I saw this recent headline:
"Is there nothing a smartphone can't help you do better? Downloadable applications, or "apps", are becoming indispensible complements to their owners' biological brains – indeed, some argue that they are turning us into cyborgs."
While I do not know if Jan Cox would have put it this way, what struck me reading this ad was, Yeah, man's mechanical mind, the binary part which is so useful dealing with the external world, and so misplaced when expected to deal with the internal and anything complicated, that mechanical mind, is not at risk for becoming computer controlled, it already IS a computer.
Not sure whether this will get folks to focus on the possibility that mechanical verbal mentation is not the total of man's mental capacities...

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