Sunday, December 5, 2010

The meaning of freedom

how interesting that in a world of governments, of people with agenda, of mechanical struggle, of electronic monitoring,  the main---only--??--place of external freedom should be, the geographical place where it all began, --the place where men domesticated, fire, ---
caves of mexico
caves of asia
caves I don't know about
Notice I said external freedom.
The nature, possibilities, limits, meaning of
is at the heart of the teaching of Jan Cox.
And if you take the above to have any political slant,
you are reading the wrong blog.
Jan actually did address the world of history---he saw the individual struggle as where one sought knowledge alternatively between the world outside and that within
and he had marvelous things to say on the subject of the external.
Rather than risk wasting some energy in what he said, let me just mention one thing,
that change is, 
but the cycles are beyond that of the life span of the individual.
News that is new.

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