Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Biological Basis of Binary Constructions

It just hit me -- there is a very real time when binary thinking is and should be triumphant. The analysis of the binary nature of the rational intellect, (everything is either this or that, -- two choices is all you have, pick one,)  and the dreams that operation allows, when the rational intellect is directed elsewhere than the external world, that elucidation is crucial for the vertical growth Jan Cox spent his life encouraging. To understand how the black/white, on/off, war or peace, friend or enemy, clean or dirty, ---- always there are two choices confronting the intellect as it constructs the world of human psychology, is critical to observe. Binary, means only two choices-- when in reality there is a such a multiplicity that the intellect is staggered and must turn away from any complexity accidentally glimpsed. 
In one instance though, you have to simplify, and that is if you are threatened with unexpected physical harm. The world then is divided into two. Of course that scenario is a bit of a fudge because the body acts on that division handily, not really needing the intellect to chip in. Still I like to say, -- biological basic of binary thought. 

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