Monday, March 3, 2014

So Gravity Swept the Oscars

Whether or not you doubt ordinary entertainment can have an enduring artistic aspect, you can ask whether the scenario in Gravity is so popular because it resonates with basic human dramas and one of these, one not discussed at all at the level of ordinary consciousness, is, why aren't more people drawn to, and constructive in, the anti-gravity efforts of a few.  I refer of course to the struggle of The Work. Why are not more people interested in, and rewarded by, this eternal human dimension. 

At first glance it may seem there is nothing so scary as being untethered from the satellite station. Floating free, with an untrammeled view, and of course certain doom. Doom because there is no one to talk to ---- no no, of course I meant no one to hear you.  My suggestion is that  there is a parallel between the untetheredness of space, and the goals of a mystic. 

Death is the one thing that Jan Cox allowed as a human "problem." And then, his allowance of any real problem confronting man was begrudging. Yet who can doubt that the phrase 'certain death' is redundant.

And so I exclude that plot point in my metaphor. Is there any help in our struggle to be gained by considering the question of the appeal of the movie Gravity? 

How is it that a facsimile attracts more attention and devotion that the original of which the facsimile is a sketch?

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