Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Cars and cores

What people call their minds, their selves----
are like automobiles. Necessary, automobiles, capable of things we could NOT do otherwise, like covering large distances quickly. There are enormous structures designed to make these automobiles even faster. The cars in my picture are rational, thought. Mental functioning. 

But perhaps automobiles are misnamed. Self...Moving. Because a driver is needed. Even if, soon perhaps these vehicles will move with minimal human intervention. All this obscures the fact there is something for which the cars are just a tool. The person inside. 

This person is like that quantity of reality, which the Work addresses; the "person" in our metaphor of urban reality, is  the aspect of humanity which might become less mechanical, in optimum and rare circumstances. It is necessary for the Work, or something like the Work throughout history, to actuate this quantity because this quantity, comparable to a person, situated within a world a metal machines, is not necessary for functioning of the world, not anyway, necessary in any large quantities. 

Cars can profitably be considered rational thought. Persons then, are that non-verbal dimension, the locus at which change is possible, just barely, possible. Once in a whirl. By those who can even conceive the distinction  between cars and their drivers. 

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