Sunday, February 7, 2016

Socks in a Dryer

Tossed, tumbled, tied,  apparently doing a good or bad, job, apparently following a higher good, or trying, and
clueless as of course socks must be.
This characterizes the world of man, especially in the modern, intellectually developed, arena of life.

It may not be all there is, but to appreciate fully, this stage, is necessary. If you are a citizen of the west, you start here. The progress possible may be greater than that available to other circuited men and women. But without seeing the accuracy of this picture, and remembering it, a lot, well,.....

Jan Cox wouldn't perhaps mention this, but he could see the eyes of his audience. If you find this depressing, you are simply not doing it right.  If you really see it, you get there is nothing that can be taken personally. What could it matter what color of sock you are.

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