Saturday, July 1, 2017

Philip K. Darn

A plot from a Philip K Dick story is outlined at this link.  "Expendable" resolves a war between bugs and humanity by having a spider (aligned on the side  of the the humans) share that the spiders will be able to "save you." It turns out the spider meant save humanity, not save that man personally.

An individual is both one and many. To a bible humping kid from Alabama, that realization once was shocking. What is the function of words after all.  They cannot be disconnected from the physical world. A distinction must be made between binary thought (critical to man's conquest of the external world) and that thought which appreciates and discovers, glances towards, the barely sayable.

But thought is not disconnected from the physical world. The connection is simply not what most suppose: the relation is not one of cause and effect.  After all, there is no separate realm between the mental and physical. There is just--- the material world. That reality though, that there is no separate spiritual realm, no superiority of the mental functions, is not a deflating recognition.

In fact, that the material contains all trialities, merely makes the wonderment more astonishing and provocative.

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