Saturday, November 17, 2007

The Nature of Ordinary Thought

The nature of ordinary mentation

Ordinary thought, that mentation of which most people are unaware of an alternative, operates solely on the principle of polar opposition, and this is a main reason it cannot be relied upon to assess reality. There are uncountable and unaccountable so called causes for any (so-called) event. In these circumstances to single out ONE cause, and think something has been explained is illusory. The complexity of the surrounding and internals worlds of man is simplified by the mind or the ordinary intellect could not function. The intellect has a proper function, but that is not describing reality. The failure to understand the appropriate uses of the intellect is a source of pain ultimately.

The mind of man simplifies reality, and enables itself to function, by defining any and everything in terms of opposition. It never really specifies anything at all, in itself (the things self is what I mean). It uses words and these words only make sense at all if they are defined in contrast to something else. Take the word "table." A definition opposes this piece of furniture to a chair, or to the floor. This is called binary logic. It makes computers work fine. Computers do not assess reality either.

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