Saturday, November 17, 2007

Upcoming topics

in our blog about Jan Cox.

The arguments that suggest his significance is of the century defining kind.

A glance of a history of mysticism----what can such a phrase mean? His words on the subject
ref other mystics, his points about history

What is history---the nature of progress

Conspiracies -- their nature, the nonsense of thinking an ordinary person could pursue such, or that you as an ordinary thinker could detect such, his interest in, his hints about (Peru?)

His significance in terms of American history on the political level. Did he give Jimmy Carter the idea to run for president.

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Anonymous said...

American Mysticism, eh? Like it. So who is this Jan Cox fellow, anyway?

Suggestion for Upcoming Topic: The mystical experience as essentially atemporal and loosed from geography, comments on same relegated to specific time and place. I guess I'm wondering what's an "american" mysticism?