Tuesday, January 1, 2008

The Bond Between Men

The mechanical group feeling that men can develop with each other is actually amazing and the strength of this tie is not visible to women often. The first of the year is not a bad time to reflect on how this might have come about--- hunters are more successful hunting in groups, more eyes, more weapons, coordinated tactics. This is how lions hunt. Today they (men not lions though both may be napping at one level together), will be grouping to observe predatory play. It is possible that the origin of thought, (certainly not mechanical the first time a particular thought got thunk,) was in the psychic conditions that enhanced the success of hunting. The closeness of the bond between men, the intensity of the hunt (success or die of course was the game), may have fostered what we would today call psychic events. Some thousand years ago this psychic awareness may have developed into -- words. To communicate a picture of an event, one far away in space, this could be called a psychic event, and may have developed into an ability to share information about events far away in time, also. So useful for hunting, a ball, like cats today, or the origin of ball play, dinner.

Now women were, are, only slowly connected to this. We did not need that intense interest in what our fellows were doing, ("Is so and so close enough to help me if I take on this beast, now?").

Why, because our intensest interest had to be raising, protecting, a child, a young primate, and it was lonely. Not much intellectual problem solving needed in grabbing the young one away from the fire or the centipede. Pretty much how to do this was in our genetic primate code and did NOT get enhanced with group problem solving. What was the need for spatial logic when the arena for action was as far as an infant could crawl, NOT an unknown wild jungle, where the predator could become the prey instantly. The female genetic package worked pretty well by itself. And this was what was needed for the good of the species then. Now??? Still crucial. Who is spreading these silly stories about replacing sex?? Anyway evolution is evolving.

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