Friday, January 4, 2008

Emulate the Aristocrats

Ever notice how they wave at crowds--- Jan Cox once pointed this out--that wave that aristocrats and autocratic rulers give to the subjects. Any "Hello" magazine will show it, even the kids pick up this royal wave early. See them in their motorcades, raising their hand to recognise the people, and then slightly turning their hand.
Okay---this is the attitude we aim to have towards our----thoughts. They ain't going away (the thoughts, yes the aristocrats did go away, ignore that for now). In one of his final (and I say 'final' knowing that the idea of a boundary here, a frame, is very alien to what Jan was striving to convey to us.) Jan Cox repeated this---you never completely get rid of those thoughts, regardless of what most mystical texts advertise.
Anyway we can ape those aristocrats til we hit the genetic grand prize. Like, know yourself---all those books about and pictures of royalty---most folks do not have this family documentation, but the aristocrats do, only -- they forget it all----they can do this because the library has a lock on it. It is all there, just not cluttering up the moment.
And do not forget your goal. Yes, the aristocrats were overthrown on occasion. And what did they do? Again, a direct quote from Jan Cox. He said once that real aristocrats never gave up getting their kingdoms back. If removed from power they spent their time gathering troops on the border of their lost kingdom.
Also--notice the really rich (the kind who you will not see waving in a parade) they do not want you even knowing their name, an instance being the heirs that until recently controlled the Wall Street Journal. They have their reasons; so too does a different aristocracy, The really really rich (that'd be those who knew Jan Cox) do not speak of themselves, or give interviews. And they may not always even always know their OWN names.
And yeah, Jan did NOT put THIS into words but, hey, those royalty, they get to have as many animals as they want. That would however be the only advantage the rich really have.

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