Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Pictures at an internal exhibition

Water routes have for most of man's history, been the main way he got around.  Canoes, for instance, require a binary motion to move through the water-one side, the other side, paddle paddle.  In my story, this is man's ordinary mentation. Then there is horseback. Faster, and mainly, you can go directly towards your goal, regardless (mostly) of the terrain.  Maybe in this story, horseback is having a teacher. So, we will mention that, and skip on. Because the thing I want to point at, is walking, maybe you could call it portage, combining water travel and carrying everything over the areas the river can't carry you.  The thing to notice here is that if you are walking, you have got to travel light if you are going anywhere of significance.  Carrying that canoe will slow you down, big time. But, though you may not ever (or so Jan Cox told us) completely eliminate the chatter, oops, 'canoe', of the journey, you can diminish, the weight, of what you carry on this trip.

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