Saturday, March 21, 2009


The current news coverage of missing millions, in bonuses to executives, has the earmarks of classic misdirection.  As someone else said, it is missing trillions that should worry us.  But all that is a setup. Misdirection is a mainstay of the magician's craft. Decades ago, Jan Cox showed us magic tricks one evening--some of us never did figure out how he made coins appear out of nowhere.
At that time, decades ago, I had no idea of the extent to which life itself loves misdirection. To use current events again, the attention paid to a certain Ponzi schemster, has sucked up so much air time.  And this functions to distract us from the uncomfortable sight of real economists, guys who made it out of grade, oh I mean grad, school, talking about how they did not anticipate the current fiscal crisis.  Uncomfortable making because it is close to the ignorance we all want to avoid acknowledging on a personal level.  How long can we stamp our feet at those expert economists without wondering how far this ignorance extends... could it extend to my awareness of my ....
And yet, another level, if you keep pushing, could words themselves be a kind of misdirection?
What if everything we KNOW is a setup.

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