Monday, March 16, 2009

That's No Lady...

The following excerpt from a widely distributed story on scientology caught my attention:

"A Scientology spokesman has confirmed that Scientologists believe that mankind's problems stem from brainwashed alien soul remnants created millions of years ago by genocidal alien overlord Xenu. The admission follows years of attempts to dismiss the story, first leaked by defectors, as anti-church propaganda."

Of course at worst scientology is merely a religion, the significant thing is not what their beliefs are, but that they have beliefs.  That puts them squarely in the middle of the rational, binary, mechanical mind, and at that level "there is nothing that cannot be proved," and "the opposite is always true".  Those who have tried to grasp the thoughts of Jan Cox will recognize in my last sentence HIS thoughts on-----not religion necessarily, but his thoughts on "thoughts."  The statements are his attempt to wrench the mechanical mind of those who sense there is something beyond the ordinary play of opinion, in another direction.  I had first phrased that sentence with this wording...Those who have studied..., and then I realized, you really can't "study" the words of someone who actually has seen reality, you can only try to stay in the midst of his influences and hope some meteor hits you. 

But we are straying here from the point I had in mind. Not that we aren't going to get to how, to use an example of Jan's, "Yale" does not exist, but like, the topic of ordinary feminine intelligence, this is something I have hesitated to bring up.  But all in due time.  And back to Hubbard.  Gosh, his religion started like all religions, and if you gotta have a religion, his is nicely 20th century.  Still the excerpt I quoted also shows how hard it is to really 'start fresh' in your thoughts. Apparently we still have good and bad guys. If you want to get beyond that, who else is there beside Gurdjieff and Jan Cox.

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