Thursday, March 12, 2009

A Random Book Title

While I was  browsing a shelf of books, a title caught my eye -- What We Owe Each Other.  I was not interested enough to pull out the book and read further, but the title caused some thoughts on the whole weirdness of a kind of knowing which is beyond words and ultimate.  It is the knowing that Jan Cox (unavoidably) "speaks" of, because he, one of the few forthright mystics of the last century, no more than anyone else, can capture reality in words. But what else is there to do, but try to point, especially for those, (if I say 'burdened' I am so guessing) burdened with a sense of responsibility (so not the words) to try to help others look in the direction he looked. And in the case of this title on a book spine, "What We Owe Others," it hit me that that topic cannot be answered in words, and one reason is that the "correct" answer to what we owe others, will vary from person to person and from moment to moment. It is NOT the point that there is NO answer, -- oh, there is an answer, -- but it cannot be put in words, and one reason it cannot be put in words, is its changeableness. This eternal changeableness does not infer that there is no absolute.  No doubt philosophers would argue that you cannot have absolutes if eternal flux prevails. What to say to that: take a look.

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