Saturday, July 11, 2009

Hey, it's just a thought....

Is cyberspace a medium for sharing, learning? You could make a case that cyberspace is less so than is commonly thought. As an attenuation of man's mental realm it shares the status of what Jan Cox calls the yellow circuitry of man.  For many cyberspace is I suspect a kind of heaven because it removes the physical element from relationships.  This leads to encouraging, enlarging, the dreaming portion of man's life.  The awareness that the mystic seeks however involves full frontal reality, and I cannot see how cyberspace, with its hygienic debodying of reality (what IS the opposite for decapitation), with the lack of, oh say, smell, can be anything nourishing. Cyberspace rather, may share the cotton candy quality of man's mental realm.  Of course this realm plays a larger part in humanity's life as centuries go by, and the birth and expansion of cyberspace could be one way the larger growth of Humanity, rather than the individual cells we call humans, is kept intact as a single organism. 

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