Thursday, July 9, 2009


Why is remembering mentioned so frequently in mystical literature?
Wouldn't remembering be always OF the past??? Many mystical groups in history speak of remembering as a critical technique, Yet the past, that is over, that is not where creativity is, the past. Perhaps we could get a clue here from the member part of remembering.  A member is part of something larger. Whether part of a body, or a community of people, the same word, member, is used.
Perhaps then the past part of remembering is partial, bordering and inviting, as the past must,  an infinity of detail, an infinity which can never be completely captured, Whether that infinity of detail, in the past, is an echo of another infinity, or actually itself, (that infinity of the past,) part of a larger infinity, is not clear. Yet these thoughts seem to be going in the right direction, elucidating how remembering, --the past--- can lead to the unexpected newness of reality.

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