Sunday, June 16, 2013

How truth subverts truth

How come no one wonders how they know it is an elephant the blind men are handling? The point of the story is about man's ignorance, but in fact --- the conclusion is dead set before they even investigate the evidence. You cannot wonder if it is an elephant that is being investigated.

Binary thought is the reason. Not only does binary thought assume everything is either this or that, but that assumption includes a sigh of relief when the division is made. That sigh prevents thinkers from pushing on.
The goal of investigating 'what is' does not include investigating the thinking apparatus itself. The sigh when binary thought has divided something distracts the thinker, and that distraction is crucial to the growth of the world we know, and the world we are a part of. That growth though, needs man's understanding not as much as he assumes. 

In the case of the example above, the hack occurs at: it is a teaching story, it is not a teaching story. The gap leaves distracting flows to push the thinker in another direction. 

My analysis might be the case.... 


Anonymous said...

Just found this, from a friendly recommendation. Nice to see some of Jan's friends still talking about him. Some of his friends don't talk about him, much or at all, and seem to be branching out into other verbal paradigms, this commenter included. I love and care for cats too, included strays. Have been for over a decade - got "hooked" upon discovering an abandoned litter, and "just had to befriend them" into my home, they're still here.

Marsha said...

Good to see a friendly comment. It is mostly Russian spammers who seem interested. Those of our friends who do not speak, may well have the superior approach. I try always to keep that in mind. Marsha