Monday, June 10, 2013

About Edward Snowden

Edward Snowden's situation presents a great glimpse into the dance of the three laws--- which all manifest in every occurrence every moment. The Creative, The Destructive/Conserving, and the Erelevant,(the irrelevant) are the terms used by Jan Cox. 

My thoughts are about the danger this fellow is in, and my hope that my total ignorance, includes not knowing about greater clevernesses on the part of the technical community, and even Mr. Snowden, --- events and approaches that are mainly effective because no one knows about them.

We may or may not find out about that. 

Who on the planet now can see two sides here-- who can see the appropriateness of the CIA regulations, and the nobility and sweetness of what this young man has done. Both sides are critical to the growth of humanity, both angles at the same time can be in your head. That is a potential of the human brain.

OF COURSE you cannot run an operation based on secrecy if people are leaking to the papers. OF COURSE the flow of power melts the so-called principles of people. OF COURSE the innocence of purity easily flips into self-righteousness. 

And of course the growth of humanity depends on a few flinging themselves into the blades. Ignorant people, beautiful people. This too is part of calculations whirring beyond a murky mathematics which is barely audible.

Those flingers, as we might call them for a moment, include the likes of Jesus, if we can believe the stories. Both Socrates and Jesus died because they would not speak. Reminds me of how glad I was once, to hear Jan say, people are no longer required to die for their  visions. By which I assume he points to a greater economy currently operating within the greater machinery.

Okay, I am a bit off my subject here. Which was: for those who can hear it--- you have to keep two contradictory seeming things together in your head-- the appropriateness of Eric Holder and Edward Snowden, both. At the same time.  

Both Holder and Snowden are -- schooks. Everyone who is not self-observing, --- is a schnook. Holder is a schnook in that he is moving so fast, everything is a blur, and he only occasionally feels things spinning out of control, though, they always are. Snowden is a schnook because he felt a rigorous logic to the analysis that if HE did not act, no one would. Actually this is merely a cellular pressure, this sense of ego, the walls of self which assume the preservation of the self is the preservation of all. The fate of the world is all on his shoulders.  

Nothing at all the matter with being a schnook. In fact, it is necessary for the greater growth of all. 

And that is only two out of THREE facets to the situation. 

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