Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Nature of Psychic Phenomena

Sitting here watching the rain mist here in drought proclaimed Snellville, and remembering I heard something on the radio last Friday night, some preacher or somebody, saying to his listeners (and me as I surfed across the radio dials) pray for rain in Atlanta. And here it is misting for three days now. Do I think the thoughts of the listeners were responsible for this?? They could have played a part. Really I have no idea if they did have an effect on this lovely rain event. But so-called thoughts affect the weather. A few points though, about such inquiries. They almost always flounder in confusion on the question of the nature of psychic phenomena. First, there is only a physical realm, if you are going to describe reality. There is no separate mental stuff. So what could have happened with the good folks thinking rain for Atlanta? You have to picture somewhat the unpictureable complexity of 'what is' and grasp that while 'thoughts' (whatever they are, but certainly not some cumulousy thing) are part of a huge machinery, they are not the only part, so they could have an effect, but being only a part of a bigger machinery the question of causality turns out to be NOT possible to be contained within a binary sentence--you just cannot say yes, thoughts caused the rain or no, thoughts did not cause the rain. The fact is they were just one swirl in a hugely larger structure.

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