Saturday, October 27, 2007

There is no separate mental realm, no duplex reality, in reality

Conjuring up pictures to help convey this: like a blanket, with one side physical, and one mental, or,
a black globe (the body, hormones) with the colors through a prism appearing (the so-called 'mental',
and here is one of his pictures, called the neural history of mankind which pertains:

"The Fable-ist's Neural History Of Man

At first there was only lightning,
Then came thunder,
Who, for the first time, made lightning aware of its own existence --
Then (in a hard-to-explain manner),
Lightning's original existence was diminished.

And all normal minds within hearing distance said:
"We don't get it!
And even if we did, we wouldn't like it!
And even if we did get it (and thus didn't like it),
We wouldn't believe it...since we'd be certain you just made it up!"

Copyright 2007, the unpublished writings of Jan Cox.

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