Sunday, October 21, 2007

Avoiding hero worship

Speaking of names, one tool he used with students was to insist (at certain periods of his life) they call him by a name he designated, like "Timex." This discouraged mechanical identification with him, something he always fought, because the human need to follow a leader, the deep genetic basis for this craving, this mechanical flow, operated against the things he was trying to show us.

Like so much he did, this was difficult to convey because it was his voice and example against the entire population of the planet. Most of his students did not continue. A lot were kicked out. A great number were handled during the initial interview in such a manner that they fled. Many people imagine themselves to be looking for a real teacher, until they have the fortune to encounter one.

He knew the worth of his time, and discouraged the namby pamby types, who he could perceive had no talent beyond their imaginary view of themselves of seekers. Of course by namby pamby we are speaking of a certain mental shift; many of those who fit this label were the blustering chatterboxes, the wolves and bums. These are two of the personality types he would outline for us in an attempt to encourage us in our goals. But internally these two types, imperceptible to any but a few, were subject to the same hapless mechanical tides that swept the planets peoples. These tides have of course a crucial place in maintaining civilized order. Such order though is the enemy of those struggling toward a still focused inner sight.

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