Sunday, October 21, 2007

Why call this essay "American" mysticism??

The title deserves an explanation: there are two reasons for describing the topic of this writing as "American" mysticism. Although mysticism would have to be global, perhaps cosmic, in point of historical fact, a century defining person affected these thoughts, and calling these essays American, highlights an echo of Georges Gurdjieff. Also these writings are intended to publicize a century defining personage who will shortly be named, and this person was born in Georgia, USA. For the time being though, I am not mentioning this person by name; I am curious as to how much publicity can be generating without mentioning his name. I am tagging this with his name, and will not long continue neglecting his name. Of course though, a true tribute would embody his teachings, and he did refrain from using his name to avoid that ugly phenomenon of hero worship.

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